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We all start somewhere...

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

From drug addict to fitness addict, my story

"The body achieves what the mind believes."

Looks can be deceiving. In these photos I was often complimented for being "skinny" however I was not feeling my best mentally. Don't assume someone's life is going well/bad based off their body!

If you told me 8 years ago that I'd be where I am today it would be unfathomable. In 2015 I suffered a serious trauma that would spark a permanent change in my life. I had been dealing with addiction problems for over 7 years and finally decided enough was enough. I had seen the detrimental effects this lifestyle was having on me, my family, my finances, my success, mental health - EVERYTHING was falling apart. At one point I was living in my car thinking this would be my life forever.

It took me 10 months to detox and in this time I lost about 50 pounds and only weighed 100lbs 5'7. I could barely hold food down or walk but eventually I started to get better and tried my first yoga class. Yoga really opened my spirituality and what it means to be a part of a healthy community. It taught that I am seen and heard more than I think. We matter more than we think, we can do more than we know.

I got very strong both physically and mentally and decided I wanted to try fitness classes. For three years I went to the same studio 5 days a week. I pushed my body to new limits, I got my nutrition in check and thought "this could really become something."

In 2019, I got my CanFit Pro Certification in Personal Training and began working in a local F45 studio. I met many incredible people and built a foundation of skills to begin taking my own clients. In August 2022, I resigned from my full time finance job and began Train with Emma Jane. I now work with dozens of incredible people in one-on-one and group sessions and seen first hand how simple exercise routine can TRANSFORM LIVES.

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To anyone reading this

Looking back on my journey, I wish I did not go through most of it alone. Humans are actually very social creatures, however technology has starved us of that natural connection and community.

Take a break from life's demands and fill up your own cup.

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