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5 things I wish I knew before starting my fitness journey

Use these simple tips to save you weeks and months of wasted effort

  1. Getting healthier is about replacing bad habits with good habits. You can't quit the bad and have nothing else going for you. You will resort back to your old ways 100%. Replace unhealthy snacks with nutritious snacks that taste good. Replace watching Netflix with a 30 minute walk, and/or a 30 minute workout. Replace scrolling endlessly with reading a book or listening to a podcast. The list goes on!

  2. Fitness isn't about how you look, it's about how you feel. You need to make goals that are going to self-empower you, not self-destruct. Looking a certain way will not make you happier. You have to dig deeper. Ex. "I want to feel stronger and more energized so I can keep up with my kids" versus "I want to bounce back to the body I had before having my kids."

  3. Simplicity and repetition are your best friend. It's easy to get caught up in complicated exercise sequences that look fancy or social media challenges. It's not worth risking an injury or hurting yourself. True progress comes down to mastering simple movements that build strength and endurance. "Practice makes perfect."

  4. Lifting weights will not make you bulky and is very effective for burning fat. The biggest mistake is not progressively overloading your muscles. Especially if you want to burn fat! As your body converts fat into muscle mass it becomes more efficient at burning fat for energy. This is why I'm against weight loss goals. Muscle is heavier than fat. As your body's composition changes you may stay the same weight or gain weight, but you will become lean and toned.

  5. Hire a personal trainer! Our job is to help you with all of the above. No one expects you to know exactly what to do, or how to manage all of these changes. I'm here to simplify your new lifestyle and make it sustainable for the long run. Having a mentor will keep you engaged and allow you to push through obstacles and tough days.

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