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Q: What's the difference between virtual and online training?

A: Virtual training involves me being there with you live during the session. You can train with me from home, or "bring me" with you to the gym. Online training is doing the workout yourself using the programming I provide through the Trainerize App. Virtual is great for beginners/those who need extra accountability. Online training is great for those who are more independent. 

Q: How much should I budget for in person training?

A: Depending on your goals and preferences you should be budgeting anywhere from $99-$250 / week. However the best way to know for sure is to book a free consultation

Q: Where do you train out of?

A: I'm located in Etobicoke, however there are gym spaces to rent all throughout the Etobicoke/Toronto. We can discuss specific arrangements/scheduling that is easiest for you. 

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